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You might like to also browse through the Archives. If you'd find a currently archived piece that you'd like to see a available as a print, please feel free to contact us at or leave us a note in our guestbook.

All print products are produced using Fujifilm® ink on Fujicolor® Crystal Archive II paper. This paper boasts a life expectancy of over 75 years when kept out of extreme temperatures and dust free. Glossy and Matte finishes are available on all prints, including the new Fujifilm® Lustre® finish, striking a gorgeous balance between the previous two options.

To place an order, click on the picture or the order now link. (Please note: ordered prints will be processed without a watermark.) Clicking the size icons will open a secure link to PayPal for purchasing the print. Prints are currently available in 4x5, 8x10 and 11x14. The print will be mailed to the address you give to PayPal; payment is in U.S. dollars and most international orders are accepted. (You don’t need to be a PayPal member to make the purchase; you can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.) Gift certificates are also available here.

All items will be shipped flat. Please allow at least two weeks for your order to be processed and shipped. We will notify you if there are any delays.

Here's a quick guide to helping you choose a finish for your piece.

  • A glossy finish has a smooth, shiny, lustrous, mirror-type surface. The glossy option is perfect for detailed/technical prints or photograph images.
  • A matte finish offers a flat, texturized finish with little to no glare. The matte option is better for paintings and darker prints.
  • The Lustre® is wonderful for both, capturing the best qualities from Glossy and Matte and combining them into one beautiful finish.
Whatever option you choose, we hope you enjoy your print for years to come.

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Tiger Lily
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Train Bridge v3
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Considering Heaven
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